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April 5th 2020

I hope you are all keeping safe during this difficult time.  We are now officially on our Easter holidays, however child care for the front line emergency workers will continue at LLanhari Comprehensive. The provision last week was excellent and pupils who attended were looked after superbly as you would expect.

I would like to thank all the parents who adhered to the government guidelines regarding  the use of childcare facilities,  by keeping their children at home . The provision will remain for all the key health workers and those in front line services so that parents are able to go to work to support our health service. We will continue to support our families in any way we can and normal communication will continue after the Easter break, from April 20th.

For any parent  needing to contact the school, you can still do this via our  email address which is continually monitored.

Hoping you all keep safe.


Mr Evans 

March 27th 2020


Any parent who has applied for emergency childcare next week starting March 30th must now report to our school (Dolau) not to Llanhari as originally planned.

The school will be open from 8:00am until 6pm.

Please note, that any parent working from home should not be using the emergency childcare service and will be challenged if we believe this is the case. Our aim is to support the front line staff in the NHS and support services and all other emergency services .

There may be slight delays on Monday as parents will be required to complete and sign registration forms.


Thank you all for your cooperation .

Mr Evans 


March 26th 2020

Dear Parent,

Details of childcare arrangements are set out in this letter. Please read carefully.

Please note that the care is for urgent childcare only.

Parents and carers to complete the on-line application form for emergency childcare which is now live on the Council website. The safest place for their children to be cared for is in their home this would be appreciated. However, for those essential workers and vulnerable families who require urgent childcare, this is now available on a hub basis. The link is as follows
Initial applications are needed by midday on Friday.

Parents are to report to their chosen HUB school which in our case is Ysgol Llanhari. Every parent/guardian of a child accessing the Hub MUST complete a registration form on the first day of admission. A failure to comply with this request will result in the offer of a placement being withdrawn.

The hubs will be open between 8:00am and 6:00pm. Sessions will be from 8.00 to 13:00 and 13:00 to 18:00


Yours sincerely

Mr G.Evans

Letter from Local Authority - 26th March 

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Your application for free emergency childcare

Thank you for your recent application to the local authority for free emergency childcare. All parents/carers are advised to keep their children at home and to limit social contact in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is also recommended for parents/carers working in essential sectors that are supporting us in our fight against COVID-19, although in some cases we recognise that this is not always possible.

There is a clear from Public Health Wales and Welsh Government, highlighting that parents/carers should not rely on childcare from grandparents, friends, or family members who are over 70, are pregnant or have underlying health and medical conditions. Parents/carers should also do everything they can to ensure that their children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. This includes ensuring that children remain at least 2m apart where possible and that mass gatherings are avoided. Play areas are now closed and should not be frequented.
If it not possible for you to care for your child safely in the home and your work is critical to the COVID-19 response then emergency childcare can be accessed in a Rhondda Cynon Taf school. The critical sectors include the following:
• Health and social care;
• Education and childcare;
• Key public services;
• Local and national government;
• Food and other necessary goods;
• Public safety and national security;
• Transport;
• Utilities, communication and financial services.

Please only bring your child to school if your work is essential to the fight against COVID 19. Please do not attend school if you cannot evidence your role in an essential service area. In order to ensure that we prioritise the provision for essential workers only, it might be necessary for us to request further evidence on the nature of your role. If this is not provided in a timely manner, the offer of childcare will be deferred or potentially removed. Further details relating to essential workers is attached to this letter.

Your support in minimising risks for our children, staff and communities would be much appreciated so please only bring your child to emergency childcare if you clearly meet eligibility and cannot provide care in the home context.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mr G.Evans



Important new communication from RCT/Public Health Wales 

Coronavirus continues to spread in Wales. Public Health Wales yesterday announced that a further seven people have died in Wales over recent days as a result of the virus and the number of confirmed cases in Wales continues to grow by the day, with significant increases over the last two days in particular.

The social distancing advice is there for a reason – people are falling ill and people with under-lying health issues are dying as a result of continued transmission of the virus. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that we all personally take the responsibility to minimise the contact we have with one another to slow the spread of the virus.

Play areas across the County have all now been closed and should not be attended. If your children are not in the Emergency childcare settings please keep them safe at home, this extends to the evenings too. You have to do this for the safety of your family, friends and neighbours, to limit and slow down the spread of the virus.

Dear Parent,

I would like to thank you all for your support during this difficult time. I know a large number of you have had to considerably reorganise your work patterns in order to keep your children at home and we are very appreciative of your efforts. We will endeavor to provide cover for those of you who have no other alternative and our aim is to ensure your children are happy and safe. Thankfully many of you have listened to the advice from various authorities and decided to keep your children away from school. Hopefully, together we will all work together to beat this virus and keep our community and our families safe.

We will continue to update you on any further developments at school level.

Mr Evans 

Letter from Kirsty Willimas / Llythyr oddi wrth Kirsty Williams - Minister for Education / Gweinidog Addysg 20/3/20

Letter 20/03/2020 / Llythyr 20/03/2020

Letter 19/03/2020 / Llythyr 19/03/2020