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Welcome to our Healthy Schools page!  On this page you will find lots of tips and links to keep the whole family healthy.


Healthy Links



Food Standards Agency - Eat Well, be well.  Helping you to make healthier choices. The eatwell website and Saturated Fat Campaign have great advice to help you to eat more healthily, including tips on how to eat less saturated fat.  Take a look at the eatwell plate that helps make eating healthily easier to understand, includes recipes that help you to see what's in each portion.


5-a-day website - Packed with loads of ideas on how you can put away your five a day!  Find out more about the benefits of eating five a day.


School Food Trust - The School Food Trust was set up by the Government with the remit of transforming school food and food skills and promote the health and education of children and improve the quality of school food.



How are the Kids?  Part of the Change 4 Life website.  Before you start making changes it helps to know what your family are doing right and what you need to fix.  That's what "How are the Kids?" is for - take five minutes to complete the online questionnaire they will send you your own personalised action plan.  TIP: ask for the action plan to be sent by post and receive free goodies for the kids!

Midlifecheck - something for mums and dads!  This NHS website includes a free online health assessment for the over forties!

Healthy Start - Give your child the best start in life.  This website gives advice to families receiving certain benefits on how they can get free milk, fruit, vegetables and vitamins.

LiveWell - NHSC Live well - healthy living for everyone!  Hundreds of articles on dozens of topics, full of tips and information on keeping yourself and family healthy.



Bike4life -Everything you ever wanted to know about cycling, but were afraid to ask!   Help and advice on planning routes and, for those who don't own a bike, help on places around the country where you can hire bikes.

Muckin4life - When the kids are at home finding things to do is never easy, or cheap!  With muckin4life you'll be helping organisations improve the natural environment so they won't charge you a penny.  You'll enjoy yourselves so much that you won't even notice it's doing you good!

Smallsteps4life - is an interactivewebsite designed to inspire children to take their own small steps to improve their health and well-being by setting themselves lifestyle targets.


Active Holiday Planner


An excellent website - full of ideas, activities, advice, information to help families to make changes to improve their health and well-being. 


Healthy Recipes

Good Breakfast Guide

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