Wellbeing TEAM




'Wellbeing Hour' takes place every Friday afternoon where each class enjoy fun activities and games with their Teacher which have been planned in accordance with the Thrive Approach. We have also provided each year group with boxes full of indoor and outdoor activities and games to use throughout these sessions. 


Also, as pupils had so much time off school, we really wanted to encourage them to return and be excited about doing so. We introduced an attendance hoop which the class with the best attendance could win weekly. The class with the best attendance would then win a prize! Each pupil who have 100% attendance for the year, are also be put into a prize draw where they have the chance to win amazing prizes! We also wrote letters to our local cafes / restaurants asking for donations - they agreed! Therefore, we have monitored pupils with 90% attendance and they had a trip to the restaurant for lunch!

At the end of last term, we visited our local shops and bought items to make hampers. We made three hampers (Fph, KS2 and staff friendly) and every pupil and member of staff had the chance to win! We are very keen to support our Teachers and their Wellbeing and have put things like ‘Staff Shout Out boards in the staff room’. We also deliver chocolates or small appreciation gifts and have also written letters to say ‘Thank You’ and let them know all the things we are grateful for!

We felt that during play time, there was nowhere for pupils to have ‘quiet time’ if playing and running around does not interest them. This is why we are currently developing a Wellbeing Area on the yard. In this area we have sensory equipment made from recycled materials where pupils can relax and we also have a worry well where pupils can throw their worries away.

wellbeing club

In September we started a Wellbeing club every Wednesday after school for the Year 2 pupils. The children have enjoyed taking part in all sorts of activities including autumnal art, biscuit decorating, outside games and firework painting. This has been a lovely opportunity for the year 2 pupils to be able to spend time with their friends in a fun and relaxed manner which supports their wellbeing outside of the classroom environment.