School Council

We have recently elected our new School Council for 2016-2017.  The children all wrote and performed excellent speeches and they were voted for by all the children in the school.  Congratulations to our new School Council.

Our Council members are:

Aidan Mumford

Osian Allen

Niamh Afia

Karolina Chudzik

Emilka Chudzik

Lily Anna Bressington

Mimeu Jones

Georgia Bully

Elliott Donovan Davies

Erin Padfield

Charlotte Kwok

Jack Beazer






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Fruit Tuck

Image result for fruit clipart

We were given fruit tuck carts by the PTA last year.  The School Council are putting them to good use transporting fresh fruit and bottles of water onto the Key Stage 2 and Foundation Phase yards at break times.

 A piece of fruit costs 30p  

A bottle of water costs 30p


Children In Need  The pupils had great fun wearing spots and playing whole class games of Twister.  We raised £410.  Well done Dolau!