At Dolau Primary school we know that sometimes children need a little bit of literacy, numeracy or emotional support to help them along their way.

Universal provision is the support we offer to every child to allow them to ‘catch up’ or gain confidence in an area that they need. Many children will access universal provision at some point in their school career.

Who identifies children to access our Universal Provision?

Pupils are assessed and monitored on a regular basis throughout their time at Dolau. This involves informal literacy and numeracy assessments throughout the year, as well as formal testing in May. Class teachers will raise concerns over a pupil with the ALNCo as soon as they appear and parents will be informed. Strategies to support the pupil will be discussed and reviewed at an agreed time. It is very important that parents play an active role in the support of pupils. Following the formal testing in May, the ALNCo and Class Teacher will discuss every child’s progress and decide whether further intervention is necessary. Testing Data is used, but we also discuss the child holistically in order to make judgement. As a parent if you feel that your child may benefit from accessing our universal provision then please speak to their class teacher with your concerns.


Universal Provision Provided 

At Dolau we are lucky to be able to offer many different interventions to help our children. For more information regarding specific core provision, please see your child’s class teacher or alternatively click on the links at the side of the page.


Literacy Provision

Emotional Wellbeing /

Speech and Language

Numeracy Provision


CatchUp / Dyfal Donc

Literacy Launchpad


Daily Reading

Precision Teaching

Hands On Literacy




Lego Therapy



Infant Language Link

Junior Language Link


Boxhall Profile

Attention Autism



CatchUp Numeracy

Third Space Learning



Dyslexia Friendly Classrooms

We have many strategies in place in all classes to support any pupils with literacy difficulties including specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. Many pupils may show traits of Dyslexia but will not meet criteria for additional outside agency support. Dyslexia Friendly strategies in class are therefore essential for these pupils to experience success.


One Page Profiles

We are proud to say that every child at Dolau Primary School has a One Page Profile which has been completed by the class teacher, support staff, child and parents. A One Page Profile captures all the important information about a child on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings: what people appreciate about me, what’s important to me and how best to support me. On the back of our one page profiles is where we will place your child’s class targets of Core provision targets which will then be reviewed termly and discussed in parents’ evening.


Parental involvement is key to every child’s development!


"The school has a clear, well-defined system for identifying pupils who may require addition support. Members of staff recognise these pupils’ needs early and implement a comprehensive programme of highly effective intervention strategies which they monitor thoroughly.

The school plans highly effective intervention programmes to support individual pupils’ needs well. Teachers and support staff who work with pupils that have been identified as needing additional support, ensure that these pupils make significant progress. 

This is an outstanding feature of the school." - Estyn Inspection Report (July 2015)