3rd March

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This year for Red Nose Day we will be having a Disney Day to raise money for Comic Relief. 

Comic Relief is a charity dedicated to helping people in need all around the world, so we are raising money to help them in their mission. The Disney Day will take place on Friday 19th March and we are inviting children to dress up as their favourite Disney character with a suggested donation of £1.

There will be a competition for the best costume. There will be a winner for each class who will receive a small prize. Each class winner will then compete for a larger prize in Foundation Phase and KS2. There will also be some other activities such as designing a red nose.

Thank you very much!


Kind regards,

The School Council

3rd March 2021

Dear Parent

  Following the announcement made today, we are delighted to inform you that all KS2 pupils will return to school on Monday 15th March. 

 In order to adhere to the strict guidelines, minimising risks and maintaining social distancing, we will be operating exactly the same routines as we did in the Autumn term:

  • Parents must adhere to the staggered times for both drop-off and pick-up, ie:
       8.45am / 2.45pm D7, D8
       9.00am / 3.00pm D5, D6
       9.15am / 3.15pm C9, C10, C11
       9.30am / 3.30pm C7, C8   
  • All parents/guardians to follow the one-way systems which remain in place
  • Adhere to social distancing and do not congregate
  • All parents/guardians entering the school premises MUST wear face coverings
  • Immediate communication to school if any pupil (or anyone in the family household) has any Covid-19 related symptoms
  • Breakfast Club provision can be accessed by those who were successful in the November/December application process.

For pupils entitled to travel on school transport, please email admin.dolauprimary@rctcbc.gov.uk by 12 noon on Monday 8th March to confirm if your child will or will not be using the bus.


Yours sincerely


G D Evans




5th February

Dear Parents,

Dolau Primary School is supporting “Safer Internet Day” on 9th February 2021. It’s celebrated across the globe in over 170 countries, with thousands of young people joining in across the UK to explore how they can use the internet responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to focus on online safety with your child – whether that’s trying out some of the learning activities in the Safer Internet Day pack (see below), asking about what they like to do online or using their favourite app or game with them. Your child may also have some remote learning activities this week on internet safety.

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2021 is An internet we trust: Exploring reliability in the online world. Take a look at the pack of ideas below to support this at home or visit saferinternetday.org.uk.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you need further support with online safety at home.


Miss Winfield-Young
Dolau Primary School Digital Lead


The Safer Internet Day pack:

1) What do I need to know about Safer Internet Day

2) Conversation Starters

3) Family Activities

4) Family Online Safety Plan

5) Parents & Carers Resource Sheet

6) Show your support

7) What to trust onine (A Parents & Carers Guide)

8) Safety Internet Day Poster





Click here for RCT's letter re: proposal to extend Dolau Primary and here is their letter re establishing primary education provision for the housing development.




Letters sent to parents:

Dear Parent

 Firstly may I welcome you all to the new term and exciting school year! A brief outline of the year’s dates/activities is attached.

 In order to ensure safety of pupils, I would be grateful if you could spend a minute looking over the following procedures:

 Breakfast club starts at 8.15am – please ensure your child is taken to the hall door where a member of staff will be waiting. Children not going to breakfast club are not allowed on the premises until 8.40am; official supervision is from 8.50am. 

 When driving children to school, please be reminded that no vehicles are permitted to drive in to the school grounds at any time.  When parking please do not park in front of the school gates, nor on any hazard lines or yellow lines.  Under no circumstances should anyone stop their vehicle in the middle of the carriageway to drop their child off.

 When leaving at the end of the day, please ensure your child(ren) (particularly infants) are supervised at all times and they do not go on to the bankings or play on any of the school equipment/activity trails.  Children should not ride their scooters out of the school gates and must be in control when on the pavement.

School gates will be closed at 9am and any child arriving after this time should report to the school office before making their way to class.  A child arriving after registration will be marked late for the session (be aware this affects their percentage attendance).

 Please inform school as soon in the day as possible should your child’s end of day routine change, or if your child is absent from school.  Any parent wishing to speak to a teacher should send in a note with their child to request an appointment/telephone call.

 As you are aware, pupils’ attendance and absence is monitored continuously by RCT and we ask for your cooperation in helping us to achieve the highest attendance we can.  In light of this we ask that, where possible, you do not take children out of school during term time especially for the purpose of holidays.  However should you need to request holiday absence, please submit the relevant form and be mindful that school will not provide homework for the child to take on holiday with them.

 Dogs are not permitted on school premises at any time.


G D Evans