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We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and find it both useful and interesting. The information contained within it is constantly being updated so please visit us again.

At Dolau we have a fantastic staff team who are totally committed to ensuring that every child within our care receives an excellent education, enabling them to achieve their potential.

We are very proud of our bi-lingual uniqueness which creates such a happy, caring and friendly school. We have great links with parents, the local community.

Our latest inspection report February 2012 identified a number of excellent and outstanding features.  Pupil behaviour and self-discipline in lessons and breaktimes were described as exemplary.  Whilst learning experiences for our children received an excellent grade. The report, which you can access from this website, highlighted the commitment shown by everyone who works at the school.

Our mission statement typifies our quest for continual improvement and consequently we are always looking to improve all aspects of the school and not sit back and wait for things to happen.

I am very proud of our school and all it achieves for the children at Dolau. I would like to thank all the parents, staff, governors and children for all their incredible hard work and support which makes us so unique.

Mr G.D.Evans









to Class 1  Class 5 and Dosbarth 5 on 100% Attendance this week.

Who will have 100% next week?

Remember 100% Attendance is rewarded termly.

Congratulations to Eleri Williams on winnig the i=pod last year!



Catch Up Workshop/Gweithdy Dyfal Donc

Thank you to all of the parents who were able to join the Catch Up pupils for our lively workshop on 11 March 2014. It was wonderful to see so many of you enjoying  the reading and spelling activities. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Information on how to purchase TRUGS has been given to the Catch Up pupils- have a search in their bags! Please contact us if you need any further advice.

Passwords for the Catch Up Digital Games will be sent home shortly.


Diolch i'r rhieni oedd yn medru ymuno a ni am y Gweithdy prysur iawn. Roedd hi'n wych i weld cymaint ohonoch yn mwynhau'r gweithgareddau darllen a sillafu.  Edrychwn ymalen at yr achlysur nesaf.

Mae disgyblion Dyfal Donc wedi derbyn gwybodaeth ar brynu gemau TRUGS- edrychwch yn eu bagiau! Cysylltwch a ni am ragor o gyngor os oes angen.

Anfonwn eu cyfrineiriau ar gyfer y gemau digidol yn fuan. 

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